Friday, November 9, 2012

Police Cruiser Concept Vehicle

I've been working on this Police Cruiser concept design for a while. It's gone through a few iterations. They naturally formed 3 stages of design in the model and paint. The N3 Scorpion is in black above.

The N1 and N2 are below with a more traditional black and white police car paint.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Concept Art for "Looper"

Last year I had the pleasure of working as a Concept Artist designing a whole bunch of shots at Atomic Fiction for "Looper". I did a great deal of Concept Design for the futuristic cities seen in the film. I then took several of my concepts to final by completing the matte paintings for the big screen.

 Here's a design sheet to get the futuristic vocabulary started on the project.

 A quick concept for future Shanghai and the final matte painting (above). Both painted over a plate of modern San Francisco.

Here's the tech assembly (above) for a futuristic holographic-billboard. Since the hologram in the film was going to be somewhat transparent, I had to design the structure and projection blades for it.

Below is a bunch of nighttime concepts I designed with Looper's telltale "abandoned" buildings invaded by squatters and the poor. In some buildings you can see campfires lit.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Flyer Bike Helmet

I'm still working on this futuristic helmet design. It goes with the Ducati flyer-bike I designed a while back. The idea is to create an open top helmet for guys or gals that allows the head to breathe. In a collision, motion sensors deploy airbags that protect the open sections of skull.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Here's one of the Police / Military units I've been working on lately. I kinda thru this one together as a study in unique forms. I wanted it to be believable, not too far out there, but something sizable and stable for sniper accuracy.

The idea of laser guided bullets is not sci-fi, prototypes have been made and they're near market ready. Makers say bullet twists and turns in flight, making up to 30 corrections per second, as it guides itself towards target. My version is just slightly futuristic in it's accuracy range and the fact that it's an unmanned multi-use unit.